Google Workspace

Everything you need to be productive, in one place

Powerful office tools, everywhere you go

Take your business next level. Get a range of communication and productivity apps. All connected to Google Cloud, so you can access your office anywhere, on any device. From presentations and documents, to video calls and calendar scheduling, nothing will slow you down.

Google Workspace gives you everything you’ll need to build your business strategically. It connects you with people, tools, and enhanced performance. Using the browser or apps, collaborate and organize seamlessly.

  • Talk with Gmail & Meet

  • Schedule with Calendar

  • Explain with Docs

  • Present with Slides

  • Calculate with Sheets

  • Store with Drive

Google Workspace makes business easy


All your productivity tools in one place. Cloud connected so you never miss a beat on any device. The power of your entire office, anywhere.

Save time

Google’s cutting-edge AI software lets you work smarter, with suggestions and advanced search. Be more productive, do less admin.


With streamlined app integration and easy share settings, you have full control to work with people in any location. Bring ideas together.


Ad-free, secure email. Declutter with the auto file organizer, like Inbox, Social, and Promotions. Integrated apps for messaging and video calls. Large attachment allowance.


Write, edit and comment on work, directly from your browser. No software needed. Sharing permissions for effective collaboration. All changes automatically saved.


Everything in one place, including admin settings. Access all your assets on any device. Share and make edits fast. Everything safely backed up on Google Cloud.


Stay on top of everything with as many integrated calendars as you choose — private, family, and different teams. Shareable in real-time, so you’re always current.


Enterprise level video conferencing. Brainstorm with colleagues and hold client meetings from any location or country, without paying. Integrated into Gmail.


Bring your team together with direct messages or group conversations. Share files securely. Use directly from your Gmail, or as a standalone messaging app.


Intuitive, secure spreadsheets to keep your business professionally organized. Share and collaborate in real-time, with a range of permissions to control data.


Easily create presentations to impress clients and clarify your ideas. Collaborate and edit in real-time. Work directly from your browser, no software needed.


Create surveys and forms in minutes. Drag and drop, customize, and edit. Questionnaire response data can then be analysed in Google Sheets.